Support Cases In Slack!

Interact with NetSuite support cases from within Slack. Manage communication with your team and your cases in one place! Click the button below to install or search for 'NS Support Bot for Slack' in the bundle search in NetSuite.


New Cases and Case Replies In Slack

New cases get automatically posted in Slack to the channel of your choice. Case replies get sent directly to the user assigned to them in Slack. No need to worry about filling your email inbox with case emails.

No additional NetSuite licensing is required to run Support Bot. Only one existing user license is required to connect Support Bot to your NetSuite account and have your whole Slack team interacting with NetSuite!

Send replies to cases straight from Slack. Simply specify the case number and the message you wish to send. You will see a preview of your message before it gets sent so there's always time to make any last minute adjustments.

With Support Bot you can assign multiple cases to yourself or any other support rep in NetSuite by simply typing the grab or assign keywords followed by the cases and who you wish to assign them to.

See case load at a glance. Support Bot allows you to see a list of all open cases in your NetSuite account as well as all the open cases that you are assigned to. Need more info? Just click the case link and NetSuite will open to that case in your browser.

Case Attachments

NS Support Bot handles attachments with a clean and simple design. See all the attachments for a given case and easily preview and download attachments right from Slack!

Custom Messages

Support Bot has many features but sometimes you just need to make something fully customized. There are now two ways to send you own messages, workflows and SuiteScript. Use the power of workflows to leverage Slack messages into your current workflow logic. Two new workflow actions allow you to send anything from simple text messages to complex, content rich messages to your Slack account.

Know your way around SuiteScript? The new public Slack module let's you send Slack messages right from your current scripts, leveraging the full power of Slack messages in an incredibly easy to use way.

    var message = {
        channel: '@peter',
        text: 'How are those TPS reports coming? :coffee:'
TPS Message

Complete List of Features

  • New Cases post to designated support channel
  • Case Replies are sent to assigned support rep
  • See all open cases
  • See all cases assigned to yourself
  • See all unassigned case
  • Assign a case to yourself or others
  • Get notified when you are assigned to a Case
  • See the last message for a cases
  • See all messages for a case
  • See all attachments for a case
  • Escalate a case to an employee by name
  • Increase/decrease priority of a case
  • Reply to a case
  • Close a case
  • Custom Workflow integrated messages
  • Custom SuiteScript integrated messages
  • No additional license to NetSuite required